Why Doesn’t Anyone Like “Kerstin’?

I’ve been pulling plants for web orders this past weekend and noticed that not one person had ordered ‘Kerstin’, and I wondered why not.   ‘Kerstin’ (Calluna vulgaris) has beautiful upright, gray-green foliage. and grows to a height of about 12 inches.  She is the only gray-foliaged heather that we’ve found, that can handle the humidity here in the mid-Atlantic .  I’ve tried other gray foliaged heathers (‘Silver Queen’, ‘Silver Knight’) and they only survive a year or two. She may not have as many flowers in late July as some other heathers, but she makes up for it by her having lovely peach colored tips when the new growth of foliage emerges in the spring.  I don’t know of any other gray foliage heather that does that.   She’s a heather you may want to consider adding to your collection.

spring tips 1

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