We have Heather in Gallons

We have heather in gallons of these six varieties. $12/gallon (includes tax). $10/gallon plus tax for 3 or more. For sale at our nursery only; cannot be shipped. Call or email if you want to stop by.  We… Read More

Customers – Please Read this Information About Paying

There’s been some confusion about paying for heather.  I hope the following description and screen shots help. Once you’ve completed your information about shipping and billing, Click on the Paypal button. You’ll go to the Paypal screen as… Read More

Why Doesn’t Anyone Like “Kerstin’?

I’ve been pulling plants for web orders this past weekend and noticed that not one person had ordered ‘Kerstin’, and I wondered why not.   ‘Kerstin’ (Calluna vulgaris) has beautiful upright, gray-green foliage. and grows to a height of… Read More

It’s Been a Tough Winter

Paul and I are glad to put winter behind us. We lost many of our plants due to the extreme cold and lack of snow cover. Yes – while most of the mid-Atlantic was deluged with snow, here… Read More

Welcome to our new blog!

Check back with us soon…we are just getting started!