A Couple’s Dilemma

We were vendors at the American Horticultural Society’s plant sale Thursday-Saturday, April 18-20.  On Friday, a middle-aged couple was looking at the plants we had for sale.   After discovering that we had a 4 foot tall ‘Superba’ Witch Hazel, the woman told her husband that she had to have it.  He responded ‘If you buy that tree, your next husband will be planting it!’  That was one of the Friday’s highlights.  On Saturday afternoon, a man pushing a hand truck approached our booth.  He reached in his pocket, pulled out a paper, and said, ‘I’ve come to buy Superba.  My wife gave me one of her checks!’ We recognized him as the husband from Friday.  He made out the check and loaded the Witch Hazel on the hand truck. As he left, Paul asked him if ‘the next husband’ would be planting it.  He laughed and responded, ‘No I’m doing the planting; trying to get back in her good graces!’

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