Welcome to Hickory Hill!

Hickory Hill Heath and Heather is a small specialist nursery, owned and operated by Jane and Paul Murphy. We are located approximately 3 miles south of Oxford, Pennsylvania on Hickory Hill Rd (Route 472) in beautiful Chester County, PA (midway between Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD as the crow flies).


We have 3 varieties of Heather on Sale – ‘Multicolor’, ‘Blazeaway’, and ‘Firefly’

All have green-gold foliage that turns bright red in winter.  They looked straggly in early spring, but have filled out nicely with their new growth.  The sale price is $5.00 plus tax (usually $7.50 plus tax).  We hope you’ll take advantage of this sale so that we don’t have to up-pot them into gallons.  Currently, they are in quart pots.


If you buy a dozen or more plants, we’ll refund 10% of the plant cost.  We can’t give you the discount when you order, as it’s too complicated to set the discount up on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact us at  jane@nullhickoryhillheather.com   And please visit us on facebook!  Thanks

Did you know?

Each heather flower has 30 heather seeds, so a heather plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds per season.